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This is the real deal, all the songs from One Direction’s debut album “Up All Night”.

Track Listing:
01. What Makes You Beautiful
02. Gotta Be You
03. One Thing
04. More Than This
05. Up All Night
06. I Wish
07. Tell Me A Lie
08. Taken
09. I Want
10. Everything About You
11. Same Mistakes
12. Save You Tonight
13. Stole My Heart

Also includes:
14. Another World
15. Na Na Na
16. Forever Young



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Someone took my rp starter… I don’t know if I should feel happy or, upset…

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scores are next week and I know I did awful. though, i feel like I was put up for failure! those questions could not be answered with that set time. they were soooooooo long. -___-. also, thank you acdec for teaching me about russia

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When I go on omegle and someone asks me if they want to rp, and I’m like lol okay sure ya knowww, and then they say i have terrible grammar and d/c. Sorry I don’t type so formal and I am just casual about it :( I mean shit mannnn. I would never type like I usually do when I’m rping :(((.

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So.. is anyone else’s butt hurting really bad still? Cause mine is. Of course everyone else in my class was all. “Hah so easy, totes got a 7.”


So I mentioned this before, but I was still wondering if anyone was maybe interested in an RTX fandom meet up at the convention?

I was thinking it could just be a time everyone hangs out and can make new friends so that you don’t have to be lonely at the con and we can all be silly and walk…


I’m dying to go to RTX, but I literally have no one to go with me. NO ONE AROUND ME OBSESSES OVER THEM LIKE I DO. FUCK.

i’ll hang out with you! I mean.. I have no one to hang out with ethierr……


Was that Lucas from Dance Moms Miami? I swear it was. 

Sure was!

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sophia would not have been there if the moms didn’t leave bc of your treatment abby jfc shut up

Holy Moley someone who likes hetalia and Dance moms. 

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Hey! My name is Lorena and I'm 15. I really love fashion. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world! Usually I'll just post stupid stuff. That's all you need to know. I'm pretty boring~! :D



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